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Fire agates, sugilite, moldavite, pietersite, tanzanite, opal, sapphire, ruby, quartz, jasper,Monatana agates, crazy lace, laguna, dendritic, moss, psilomelane, jet, energy tools, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, malachite, tourmaline, amber, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, saginite, charoite, moonstone, lapis lazuli, fire agates obsidian, bloodstone, labradorite, spectrolite, holly blue, amazonite, gem silica, green man, ruby in zoisite, rosetta stone, sunstone, tiger eye, tiger iron, covellite, chalcedony, calligraphy stone, chlorite Designer Gem Stones gemstones gems Designer cabs cabochons Crystals Designer Jewelry
Since 1979 our work has been acquired for private and museum collections on 5 continents... we have delivered our work to Kwajlein Atoll!
We find great pleasure and satisfaction creating unique symbols of your personal journey for the lifetime of awesome wonder that awaits you...

See our complete gemstone MENU at bottom of every page.

All stones can be custom set in Gold or Sterling Silver.

Dear Mystic Merchant,
Though you have had a few conversations the phone I am sure you didn't get the entire story/background regarding the priceless value of these rocks that you have carved into our now beautiful hearts.
I wanted to just express my gratefulness to you for taking the rocks and shaping them into one of my most treasured gifts from my Soul Mate. We have MANY one of a kind, just he and I treasures that only he and I share in it's truest beauty. I sense that you are a thoughtful and generous man.....who put his heart into making ours have now even a greater value to its meaning and sentimental value.
The hearts are BEAUTIFUL, SMOOTH, THE PERFECT SHAPE AND SIZE..........They are AMAZING! Mushy I may be here..........but truly I just want you to know how much these hearts mean to me/us and Thank You for your tenderness in caring for our little pieces of heaven. There is always a story behind a gift. This story is under every piece of granite that lies on the path to the top of Mt. Whitney and shared in "two soul mates hearts" for ever! Thank you for making our hearts perfect, YOUR talented gift of labor and art, is now one of my most treasured gifts received!
Warmly, Jan
Dear Mystic Merchant,
Your web site is the BEST I've seen for ordering custom jewelry! I was not sure when we started that trusting your intuitive design sense would work for me....... Thank you very much for guiding me in this process and making my amazing sugilite and Burmese ruby pendant. The designer gemstones you cut are so unique and amazing. You were so accurate suggesting the 18k Santa Fe sunset yellow gold, it is everything you said it would be. All of my friends are envious and WANT one of their own! Your appreciation and awareness of the chakra energy centers and how they can be balanced in me to work most effeciently for me is astonishing. I am so HAPPY and feel so WONDERFUL with the flow of energy my talisman creates for me. The stones you offer and the ability to translate them into amazing designs with such ENERGY really excites me. I will be back for gifts for my friends soon... Terri - Malibu, CA
Dear Mystic Merchant,
The rings arrived today and they exceeded my expectations. You make exactly what I wanted - heavy rings with natural stones made for a man. When I took out the gold box, I couldn't understand why it was so heavy.
These are definitely a man's rings.
Thank you for your consideration and understanding. I do check your Web site regularly to see what you've added. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think there's something that may interest me.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Terashima Hilo, HI
Dear Mystic Merchant,
I just want to say thanks and confirm that I have received my order. Yes, the energies are indeed nice. The rutillated quartz is really ... how should I put it ... high-frequency mellow ...? Smooth and almost discretely tangible. Very pleasant.
My son, who is ten years old, felt the energy as a distinctive buzz in his upper nose from 2.5 ... 3 feet away. That's quite something! I wish I could have afforded the very densely golden piece, but that will have to wait until later. Again, thank you very much for nice stones!
E. Hammerin
Dear Mystic Merchant,
I received my order of modavite in a very timely fashion. I appreciate the little note inside and agree completely with you on my "loving my modavite". It is truly awesome. When I held it in my hand I felt as though it had come home. It brought tears to my eyes.
My friend took me shopping on your website. I can't thank him enough, not only for the gift, but, for showing me your website. I've shared it with all my friends who are interested in crystals etc. I really wasn't interested in crystals until this past spring. I became a Reiki Master Healer and my Reiki Master told me I needed to get some Moldavite. I checked out a store not too far away, and though they have an impressive inventory they didn't have moldavite.
When my friend found out I needed to get some Modavite he took me on your website and we went through your pics. I have to tell you I was not only impressed with the quality of your pics but also with their discriptions. We went through quite a few and enlarged many pictures, then he enlarged the one I eventually got.
When I looked at it, a whoosh of energy went right through me, from the top of my head to my feet! I even felt a little light headed. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. I said, That's the one! If I feel this way just from a picture I'm sure the real thing will be wonderful, and it is.
Love & Light
Mary Ellen
Dear Mystic Merchant,
Received the amazing quartz laser wand crystal today. It's fantastic!! The picture on the website didn't do it justice! Many thanks for the lagniappe! Thanks! S.S. Portland, OR
Dear Mystic Merchant,
Just wanted you to know I received the crystals, and I think they are fabulous! They seem very unusual, and I love their powerful, pleasant energy. I noticed a difference right away in my whole residence from their presence.
So, I wanted to thank you. as well as for you to know that someone has the crystals who really appreciates them. Kindest regards, L.H. Boulder, CO
Dear Mystic Merchant, Thanks for your quick answer to my inquiry. I had never ordered from you before and was not sure what kind of time frame was normal for delivery which was the main reason for my previous email. The order arrived Monday as you said. I am delighted with your product! It is exactly what I had hoped. I make custom Rune sets and talismans for the local pagan/new age community and had searched long and hard for good quality amber in bulk. Thanks for all of your help and for having such a great site. I will be ordering other items in the future and will recommend your site to my friends. Peace and light, LaQ Pensacola, FL
custom jewelry handmade jewelry designer jewelry gem stones jewelery gemstone crystals jewelry metaphysical jewelry new age crystals cabochons sugilite moldavite pietersite tanzanite opal sapphire ruby quartz smoky scepter elestial enhydro agates plume crazy lace laguna dendritic moss obelisk psilomelane jasper massage tools energy rhodonite rhodochrosite spheres eggs malachite tourmaline amber amethyst citrine carnelian saginite charoite moonstone lapis lazuli fire agate obsidian bloodstone labradorite spectrolite holly blue amazonite gem silica green man ruby in zoisite rosetta stone sunstone tiger eye tiger iron covellite mtoralite chalcedony calligraphy stone chlorite phantom Sugilite, sugilite, Lavulite, Azel, Sugwi, Richterite gem stones metaphysical new age crystals cabochons Gems Lapidary jewelry Mystic Merchant phantom elestial scepter quartz crystals Gems Crystals Mystic Merchant 919-742-3945
Dear Mystic Merchant, I received the beautiful piece of jewelry "of Spirit & Balance" last night. It is truly magnificent. I just keep holding it. I am really glad and thankful that I purchased it. Your work is amazing.... it is so unique and different. I have a thing about unpolished crystals so those little babies are very special indeed to me, I never knew I could like a ruby that much." DJ Vancouver, BC, Canada
"Your web site was a dream to navigate. I've only had a computer about a year and believe me I've done my share of going around in circles at other sites. As to how I found it, I jumped on my favorite search engine--google-- and you came up. I found sites that were in Russian, India etc. which didn't bother to give an english version and a couple that sent me in the ever hateful circle. Yours was so easy to navigate and had such "great pictures" I figured anybody that put that much time and talent into the web site must put that much time and effort into everything else also. Apparently I was correct, your offer to send pictures and help me just proves it. Thank you....Dixie" NSW Australia
I just recieved the obsidian cabs and I am very pleased with them. They exceeded my expectations by far. Kelly Seattle, WA
I love your designs and connections.. will tell my Reiki friends of your work.....Zarah - Boston, MA
I like your site a lot. It inspires self-empowering. For some strange reason, I feel better when I visit it. I wish I will be able to create a site that does not "scream" commerce ALL THE TIME, just as you have done. Kudos!.... Lorena - NYNY
AMAZING! to FEEL the energy of your jewelry and gemstones....... the quality of your photographs is so wonderful and then when the stones arrived..... well, they took my breath away! I do energy work and finding truly shamanic material to work with is something I am my etheric energy worker friends are always seeking. MysticMerchant, YOU deliver the goods. Thanks for the fast shipping also! Hanna K. - Mendocino, CA

YOU & YOUR wants, needs & desires are special here!

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