Some Inspired Ideas for Taxation Reform in our Beloved United States of America

Another aspect of my vision includes insights on the nature of taxation
and how it is manifesting the dishonesty and deception of a lack based consciousness
with some concrete suggestions for conscious change toward prosperity consciousness and manifestation.

Inherent in the current systems of taxation deployed by all government bureaucracies is the inability to be or become truly more efficient, fair and stimulating of prosperity creation.
This is true of ALL bureaucracies, but that,is another rant....

My modest proposal involves using the idea/paradigm of communal (taxes) money creation and bringing this model into synergy with the innate desire of humans to be successful and prosperous with the direct increase in generousity inspired sharing arising from wide spread prosperity.

Even those individuals and businesses who give thanks for the prosperity to PAY taxes will agree on one point, the current system in the USA (where I live and the model for most other capitalist governments)is not equitable and has no incentive inherent in paying taxes to create more money to pay mores taxes.
Large sums of money are spent trying to collect taxes, punish those who fail to pay taxes or contest the values of taxation and , of course, to avoid PAYING TAXES.
These enormous efforts include special laws passed by the government supposedly collecting taxes equitably, to allow exemptions to individuals and their businesses as a way to spur contributions and stimulate more donations as more money is accumulated by these cronies.
A study in dishonesty and self deception that is sanctified through the use of Tax Law to legalize exemptions based on nepotism, cronism and "political contributions" for personal gain.

This may seem really efficient if you are the beneficiary of such a dispensation..... ..the papal bull lives!

At this point you may realize that I am a thinker with out the tank.... :>)

My modest proposal is based on recognition of the fact that the effect of the current method of removing taxes from the worker or business is a dis-incentive for the worker or business to be honest or to be more productive. The incentive is to expend large sums in efforts to legalize the reclaiming and/or restoration of their previous remuneration.

This proposal recognises that the net effect of the current system of taxation leaves those who are paying taxes with the after taste of being financially raped for their own good......
A dubious honor, shall we say....

The forced with-holding of duely earned income for taxing purposes has the net effect of devaluing the rate of compensation through the mechanisms used by of the Internal Revenue Service (an estimable oxy-moron) bureaucracy.
This could serve as a model of disincentive for any persuit.

The inherent inertial inefficiencies further reduce the value of the value taxed and the original compensation value retained.

Further value from any communal (government) projects to be funded by the tax revenue is reduced by this arcane collection and re-distribution system.

Another ancillary affect is that the enormous trade in black market goods and services completely escapes any direct taxation and consequent contribution to communal (government) projects. Adding another layer of incentive to NOT PAY TAXES.

So, with the above short description of the current system and some of its repercussions I offer the following replacement and justifications for implementing them in short order:

The monetary policy is controlled by the government through the Federal Reserve Bank Board.
The Chairman being appointed by the President.
The amount of money allowed to be printed by the government is the ultimate basis of inflation or deflation of the money.
The open market operations policy use of interest rates to stimulate or slow down the rate of growth and consequent change in value or lack thereof in the local and global economy rates of currency exchange and value to the indvidual.

Through direct manipulation of the money supply!

Taxes as now administered, merely reduce and move the value of income earned by those subject to tax collection through a grossly inefficient and inadequate model/paradigm.

By completely eliminating the obsolete mechanism of the IRS and replacing it with the conscious adjustment of value of ALL MONIES (reported or not)in the system through how much money the government allows to be printed to pay for communal (government) projects.

Complete elimination of ALL payroll deductions, with-holding taxes, FICA, excuses, special dispensations, capital gains tax, flat tax, sales adjustment to the value of money to compensate for government use based on real value and use applied evenly to ALL MONIES, legal or otherwise.

All money earned is taxed evenly, directly and with supreme efficiency!!!

The efficiency gained just from the elimination of the IRS would result in a direct net gain in value of 25% to 35% in actual value added from not being lost to the system!!!

Add to this windfall the value derived from reducing (taxing)the value of black market monies and the newly released revenues are truly of staggering proportion.
The real inertia of waste inherent in the IRS is immense and its elimination will create more opportunities for wealth and prosperity creation.

More to come on implementation of this paradigm.....

A New Paradigm For Taxes Some Thoughts On Taxes & Their Collection

Born at mid century, August 9th.... in Mobile, Alabama
William Augustus Mason,III was the first born child of hard working parents.
Born with an innate intense curiosity about life,
I remember being pre-verbal, the intense awe of sounds becoming
connected to actions and objects, the sounds becoming words.

Armed with the sense of impending doom born of their religious upbringing & reinforced by the depression, world wars & pandemics my parents felt it an incumbent parental duty to inculcate a similar forboding upon their first born.

A great deal of my personal spiritual search has been about accepting this early familial image of an implacable, punishing god as the best they could do.
A common enough theme for hippies of the 1960's and '70's, where I finally found a true sense of belonging and commraderie.
Albeit based in large part on the use of various rituals and forms of self medication to unconsciously attempt the nullification or at least deny, uncomfortable emotions and escape into whatever happiness and comfort was available to such self limiting fear based realities.

As an artist I continue to explore conscious creation in many forms.
From my early (age 9) research into electricity leading to electronics, to mathmatics, biology, chemisty and physics, inspired by mechanic drawing and visualization of invisible internal parts, orthographic thinking leading necessarily to holographic contemplation and subsequent awareness, imperfect mirror stimulating inducing coherency of photons, Mapping the Void to discover the Void Which Binds... to standing wave front logic to the ineluctable affinity of sub atomic particles with each other to arrive at the binary VOICE and language of god-dess all that is.... MYSTERY....

I believe that this was a paradigmatic shift that most exemplifies the chasm between generations that the Vietnam war revealed and continues into our present day with remote control wars.

That the shifting of "boogie men" by the end of the cold war (?) and the mythopoeic
constructions arising from the late 1940's and the arrival of Manhattan Project,
Roswell, Skunk Works, Black Projects, NASA, military intelligence and "Dreamland".....
These are no less attempts to avoid dealing with the emotional realities we must face to
get beyond our limbic system limited intimacy and into appreciation of the immense value and opportunity of every human being.

Right NOW we are being given the opportunity to feed, clothe, house and educate.... every human on
this planet and to enjoy the rewards of such investment for untold generations.

My art is a direct reflection of this awareness and is informed by the necessity of
learning how to negotiate with those whose self esteem is based on the unconscious
belief that punishing others will allow them to "finally feel safe and be happy".
I believe this illusion is the prime motivation of all conflict and is based in the desire and need
of all humans to know they are unconditionally loved and appreciated.

The children of the present are speaking to us in the only language that the "adults" seem
to pay attention to: guns, explosives, maiming and murder, the senseless revocation of the life and liberty of others, deceptions of unimaginable magnitude, defending fear based thought life in the name of "liberty" and victim personae to justify escaping and/or delaying the emotional/spiritual self awareness that leads to the emotional maturity to stop the self destructive inner dialog of "us and them" at the individual thought process awareness level.

I believe the gangs, clans, etc. offer the disaffected a sense of family that, while a defective model
and certainly not perfect at least offers the appearance of "reasonable" rules that are mutually
abided by for a time in adolescence.
Our prison system further rebuffs most attempts to leave this mindset and perpetuates
at great expense, the problems of mutually satisfying conflict resolution.
As opposed to the educational & judical system which punishes mostly on a racial basis
those who are not nurtured by the society at large.

My art is created to resonate with the higher brain functions and assist the viewer, wearer, owner
to feel freedom, joy, happiness & grace when internal genetic, familial, cultural &
societal conflicts are resolved in mutually useful & satisfying terms.

I consider New Mexico my home, it is certainly where my heart & body feels most at home.
I am currently residing in the sandy clay hills of south Alabama (Semmes) following the path to lead me back to my beloved NM.

Are you the patron who appreciates my vision, life and work shown here and around the world?
Who finds fulfillment and joy supporting the further expression of my larger vision by providing sufficient money energy to allow me to work in an environment where the need to accumulate money is completed and visionary use of the accumulated money energy is enjoyed.

Aspects of my vision include: 640+ acres property with clean air, water, synergistic energetic resonance & views in northern New Mexico (Dixon, Penasco, Truchas, Ojo Caliente, El Rito, Coyote, Mora.)

Building a 3500sf home, 7500sf studio research lab, 5 guest houses (850sf each),

10,000 sf year round access community center in a community near the property, with free clinic, library, internet access, small business incubator, sustainable agriculture/gardening research and garden plots, cultural history, accumulated folk and herbal preservation archive, senior meeting place, no cost activities & classes for all ages and cultures, artist- crafts co-operative & teaching center.

Ecologically and economically sound trust(s) will be established to fund the above and other endeavors of the operation in perpetuity.

In conjunction with the above projects, research & developement will commence for the immediate implementation of small scale catalyst based fusion electricity production devices (in directly useable ranges). The designs, construction plans and material sources to be freely (no charge) distributed via all media resources (especially internet) to the entire world.

Research leading to design and construction of quickly built, inexpensive basic structures
for housing everyone who wishes to be housed.
The designs to be adaptable to local materials and onsite construction by non-
technical locals with short term schools to train local teachers.

Research into the nature of those called in the US "homeless" as a natural nomadic
response of genetically predisposed individuals, to the freedom inherent in this life style.

Design and implement programs for teaching conflict resolution skills to all children.
And any adults who are willing to learn and use these new skills.

I see that when we are all wealthy, species wide prosperity,(beginning with ecologically balanced free energy via electricity), the manifestations of destructive creation (directly motivated and powered by shame and lack of self esteem and awareness of true humility) will no longer be necessary for the illusions of power and control now evidenced in our world.

The air pollution in the US and the world has reached levels that are not removed by rainfall or wind and are visible in every location in this country and most of the world. People are dying and asthma is reaching into the children that are our future.

We still have time to implement technologies that can eliminate the toxic materials of unconscious creation from manifesting in our environment, I have the intention to do so.

The individual paradigmatic options unleashed will reveal the innate genius of humans freed from living in survival mode(reptilian- limbic brain system based.) The survival mode consequences, dissonance and dispair manifested in the global realm of human physical and spiritual activities will be replaced after a period of generations by the expression of altruism and creative nature inherent in all humans for whom the basic survival requirements are realised and delivered as a basic right of being born.

Self esteem of the individual based upon a healthy, true & complete unfolding understanding and implementation of humility. Humility being life lived in personal knowledge of unconditional love, acceptance and the incalculable value and preciousness of all humans and creation.

The recognition that this humility begins in the internal knowing and self acceptance of the individual with and through emotional honesty, manifesting in the world at large from the individual. That this humility through self knowledge and acceptance is the single most important aspect of our choosing to inhabit these flesh vessels with our spirits and the resultant conscious evolution which is the only option leading to the appreciation and use of the immense creative intelligent compassion inherent in human life freed from survival mode decision making reactions.

My creative powers continue to create the money energy to activate and physically manifest these visions from my heart and soul. All of the metaphysical art shown on my web site has been created because I cannot deny this inner vision that is my essence and which I must express....

This is a call for a donation of $250,000,000.00 USD, the cost to bring this personal source of non-polluting electrical energy into physical reality to be FREELY shared and distributed to EVERY HUMAN BEING ON OUR PLANET AT NO CHARGE.

$250,000,000.00 is LESS than the price of 10 US F-15 fighter aircraft of which MORE than 10 per year are lost.

I now request and hold space for you to spiritually, psychically, emotionally, financially support and share in and assist this majestic endeavor.
I know you are among those to whom accumulating money energy is as natural to them as these visions & artistic expressions are to me.
That you truly long to UTILIZE your innate ability to accumulate money energy for the common good of Mankind.

What more worthy cause could you support.. imagine the unparalleled benefits for Human Kind manifesting in ever improving quality of life, liberty and happiness.

My condition of happiness arises from consciously choosing to embrace ineffable authentic gratitude.

I am fully enjoying and invite EACH of you to CHOOSE CONSCIOUSLY to observe, embrace, affirm and enjoy the unfolding mystery of this gift of LIFE.

Ask yourself "How will I use these 24 hours, what can I do with this gift?"

USA Handmade Fair Trade by Billy Mason
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